About me
I am an illustrator and graphic designer with a background in biology, a sense of fun and a love of children's picture books. I have a passion for nature illustration, book design and typesetting. I also write stories and (goofy) poems and other stuff.
I live in (at times) chilly inland southeastern Australia with my husband and our quirky black rescue greyhound. Two of us love the cold.
In my other life I make maps for grown-ups and wrangle environmental spatial data. In the past, I have been a science communicator, a copywriter and a desktop publisher (among other things!).
I love all things feathered, furred, leafy, shelled, scaled and squishy. I'm interested in getting to know the individual up close—whether that individual is a human, a bird, a bee or a copepod! I guess you could say I care about the little picture.
My mission is to create illustrations, stories and information about the natural world that tickle the funny bone, inspire compassion and help develop deep understanding.
To read about some of my picture book illustration journey, check out Nina Rycroft's blog: The Art of Cher Hart: Sharing Her Illustration Journey.

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