Elephant study: 'Hide and Seek' - 'Cramped' page
These are some progress scribbles, sketches and drawings from a page from a children's book called 'Hide and Seek', written by Harriet MacDonnell. This page is to accompany the text: 'Cramped.' The images show some of the progress from initial concept to research sketches to refined concept drawings and the final illustration. All drawings are pencil on paper. Final digital illustration using Procreate.
Even when I'm aiming to create very simple or stylised illustrations, I like to start with representational research sketches to understand the creature or scene. With my research sketches, I am hoping to not only accurately capture the form of the subject but also its personality and essence. When I am successful, the end result is an image which is both accurate and full of life.
In this instance, I had to rely on photographs as reference images, rather than drawing from life, but I still hope I managed to capture the movement and vitality of the live animal. And I hope I've managed to transfer this to the final illustration.
1. Initial concept
2. Research sketch: head, ear, eye
3. Research sketches: trunk, mouth, expression
4. Research sketch: baby elephant
5. Concept development
6. Final concept drawing
7. Final illustration
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